Blue Nose Pit Bulls

Blue Nose Pit Bulls and Red Nose Pit Bulls are among the most popular types of pit bulls out there. Their appearance is defined by the beautiful blue coat that they sport, and this can be anywhere from a light grayish color to a darker charcoal gray. Their nose also tends to be gray compared to the standard pit bull black.


History of the Blue Nose Pit bull

This type of pit bull has come into being due to selective breeding of pit bulls in the past. The ones that have gone into this line contain a gene which causes the pigmentation of color to be in the middle of the hair, this in effect leaves the tip of the hairs colorless which makes the blue nose pit bull appear gray.


Blue Nose Pit Bull


Skin Problems

The problem with this type of pit bull is that in order to retain this blue color there does have to be pretty selective breeding. This has meant that many pit bulls are actually being bred with their own family members. Complaints of skin problems tend to be higher with blue nose pit bulls. It’s normally nothing serious that can’t be mildly treated. You shouldn’t be deterred from owning one of these dogs for that reason. These problems don’t always present themselves.

This is a great video on how to inspect a blue nose pit bull for skin irritations. Highly recommend viewing. The second part of the video with links to the medications used can be found on our skin problems page.


When people own a ‘Blue Nose’ they find that more often than not they are much more docile than other types of pit bulls. For example, if you are looking for a fantastic guard dog then this type of dog may not be your ideal bet, unless it goes through some pretty serious training. This is because the Blue Nose tends to be very sociable with humans.



Apart from the color and slightly more docile temperament (which has come as a result of selective breeding), there is no real difference between a blue nose pit bull and other types of pit bulls. You should realize that this isn’t a completely separate breed or even a bloodline; it is just a defect in one of the genes that the dog has which has been bred into the dog. It could quite easily disappear if you bred the dog with a ‘regular’ pit bull. The choosing of this dog should really be based on the color as opposed to any other traits that they are supposed to have. Remember, a dog is an individual and anything that you may have heard in the past may not ring true with the dog that you get. Their temperament will be a result of careful training.

Blue nose pit bulls are incredibly beautiful dogs; don’t forget to talk to the breeder before choosing one though. As with any other dog, you will want to find out about its parents temperament, and perhaps maybe even skin conditions that their parents may have displayed in the past. If everything is fine then you will end up with a fantastic animal that is going to be loyal to you for many years to come.

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