Pit Bull Facts

There seems to be less actual pit bull facts more pit bull myths these days. Some negative press due to owner negligence, coupled with fear makes for some wild rumors about the breed. Here are the facts.

Can Pit Bulls Lock their Jaw?

Pit bulls do not have a locking jaw. Studies have been done on the jaws of pit bulls and they have found no difference than any other breed with respect to locking. Pit bulls do not have any locking mechanism within their teeth or jaws.

Do Pit Bulls have the Strongest Bite Force?

Pit bulls do not possess any extraordinary bite force. Rottweilers actually have a stronger bite force than pit bulls. The pit bull bite force is similar and sometimes even falls short of the power of the german shepherd and the labrador retriever.

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Are Pit Bulls good Guard Dogs?

Pit bulls are surprising not a good choice for a guard dog. Reason being? They love people! When trained and raised properly, pit bulls are gentle loving dogs who love adults as well as children.

Are Pit Bulls Aggressive?

Pit bulls are not born aggressive. They do not turn on their owner. They may show aggression towards other dogs. This is merely defensive posturing that you see with any breed. Pit bulls must be trained properly and once completed, you will have a wonderful, gentle pet.

Are Pit bulls easy to Train?

Pit bulls are easy to train. They are intelligent and eager to please. Training your pit bull is a must whether it’s on your own or through a professional. We highly suggest pit bull obedience training and/or clicker training. Clicker training is a lot of fun with an athletic breed such as pit bulls.

Do Pit Bills have Health Problems?

Overall a healthy breed. Some pit bulls may experience hip dysplasia. Other health issues may arise such as skin problems or allergies. Their brains do not swell causing them to snap or go insane. Something of that nature would only occur due to an injury or genetic disorder. Scenarios such as this are rare and occur no more in pit bulls than any other breed.


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