If your pit bull has a rash on their skin, you must know the cause for proper treatment. The same can be said for all dog rashes.

It is common for blue pit bulls to develop rashes. If you have a blue pit bull, you need to watch this veteran blue pit owner how she easily diagnoses the cause of her dog’s skin rashes and hot spots.

She shows exactly which medicines and remedies to use for each skin problem, which can be:


Dog allergies are typically food, seasonal, bug, and environmental. If you think your pit bull’s rash is an allergic reaction, read our in-depth post how to diagnose and treat dog allergies and watch the video for the medicines and home remedies used.

Dry Skin

When your dog has dry skin it will feel uncomfortable and he will scratch it.  His skin becomes cracked and begins bleeding, worsening the condition. This is the first thing you must address.

Use a non-stinging chlorhexidine spray (amazon). This will provide localized relief of hot spots, rashes, inflamed skin and insect bites. It will help cool inflamed skin and promote healthy regrowth of the coat.

Its important to address dry skin right away. Its easy to treat and you will want to avoid infection which may require antibiotics.

Fleas, Ticks and Mites

Inspect your dog’s skin closely and remove any insects or parasites immediately. A flea & tick comb can help dramatically. Use outside or when bathing with a dog medicated shampoo for fleas. Keep your dog’s coat short to make it easier to remedy the situation. Proper dog grooming is essential.

Bottom Line

Your pit bull’s rash 3 likely causes are: an allergy, untreated dry skin, or a parasite. It’s imporant to diagnose and treat quickly. If you are unable to narrow down the cause, seek a professional opnion.