Pit Bull Training

Pit bull training is an essential part of owing a pit bull. Pit bulls are an extraordinary breed of dog who are fun-loving, very energetic and highly intelligent. Training your pit bull should be a treat!

Like all dog breeds, you should start to train your pit bull when she’s a puppy. If you have an older dog you may have rescued, you may have to break some bad habits. But with the right knowledge and approach, success is in sight!

Browse the various methods and find the one that you’re interested in trying. It is highly recommended to educate yourself with various training information before you attempt the training on your own. Most of the recommended training has a free option or trial available.

Pit Bull Puppy Training

The perfect time to start. Pit bull puppies are very active with a willingness to learn. Training your pit bull now will pay dividends in the future.

Socialization early on will be invaluable. They will be exploring themselves and their surroundings so they should be introduced to appropriate dogs and puppies to match their personalities as well as adults and children.

Pit bull puppies may nip or bite due to teething or simple play. It is right now you want to correct any biting, barking and the like. Playful biting now may not be so playful when they are older and stronger. Pet corrector spray is very effective in training bad behavior.

Check our section on Pit bull obedience training as well as obtaining a guide. It will be the best training for you and your pit to enjoy a long healthy relationship.

Of course it’s always better to start when they are young but sometimes we find ourselves acquiring an adult pit bull through a rescue or other situation. It may be a little harder but pit bulls are an intelligent breed. You can download a mini-course on American Staffordshire Terrier Training here.

Pit Bull Obedience Training

Dog obedience training is an invaluable skill to acquire for pit bull owners. It can be very expensive to hire an experienced trainer.  Learn the tips and tricks of the pros and you can save yourself a pretty penny.

Pit bull obedience training centers on inserting yourself as the leader and never relinquishing the position. It’s vital to establish yourself in that role. Dogs respect leadership positions. Your pit bull will to obey you and respond to your commands.

After you have established yourself in that role you will teach your pit bull basic commands the repetition during exercise feedings and play.

Reward good behavior and correct bad behavior. Never use any harsh punishments. What it may solve today will bring on further aggression tomorrow.

Grab a book or course so you can start your obedience training ASAP.

Pit Bull Crate Training

Crate training is best for pit bull puppies. It is possible for older pit bulls but will most likely be more difficult. You may have to use a separate room if they are too large for a crate. Crate training will be essential especially if your pit bull is alone often.

They are energetic dogs and may make a mess of your home. Make sure the crate is comfortable with access to water and even a toy. Initially, entering the crate they may resist until they are more familiar with it.

Start crate training with short periods and only remove your pit bull when they are calm. If they are whining or excited and you let him out, he will think that’s what he has to do to get out.

This free downloadable pdf  House Training a Puppy may make things much easier for you.

Pit Bull Clicker Training

Clicker training can be a valuable weapon in your pit bull training arsenal, teaching your pit bull basic commands. It doesn’t take very long to master the training and with a smart dog like a pit bull it will be all the easier.

The clicker sound is distinct can be heard over 50 feet away. The idea is to associate the clicker with a desirable behavior. The pit bull wont understand initially what is meant by the clicker, but they’ll catch on quickly.

When you get the appropriate behavioral response and associate it with the clicker and a delicious healthy treat, your dog will be a well-behaved dog in no time.

The ASPCA has some great info on clicker training. When you’re ready to get started please use this link to Karen Pryor Clicker Training, the top-rated clicker training on the net.

Pit Bull House Training

Housebreaking a pit bull can seem daunting at first but needn’t be with the right guidance. The crux of the training is about reward. Reward good behavior and let them know about inappropriate behavior.

A simple but stern “no” is all you have to say. Yelling will only frighten your pit bull and not teach them anything. Hitting is never acceptable punishment.

The best thing you can possibly do is become more aware of their behavior prior to the accident. If you know they have been drinking a lot of water or had just eaten, pay attention to their behavior.

If their activity picks up or they look for a quiet place, a walk is in order and don’t forget to reward for a positive outcome.


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