How to Train Pit Bulls

Learning how to train pit bulls is not very different from most breeds of dogs. Pit bull Terriers have a reputation of being aggressive but like any breed of dog, it is mostly the owner who is responsible for that aggression.  Loving and training your pit bull as part of the family will give you a great pet that is good with children.  Just through a number of one-off occurrences can label your breed with a bad reputation.  All dogs will become aggressive if they are treated badly, or their behavior is not nipped in the bud early on.


Like with all pets, pit bulls need the right discipline from the start.  Core principles on how to train pit bulls remain the same, although the method to reach the end result may differ. Your method of choice on how to train pit bulls should be what’s best for you and your dog.

Basic Commands

Do not confuse the dog when training.  Keep to the same commands all the way through even if it is the common words, such as sit, down, stay or wait.  The dog will get used to these words, and will want to please. Pit bulls are very loving pets as long as you show them who is boss from day one.  How to train pit bulls is to not give up your leadership position and your commands will be quickly learned and respected. If they start getting confused start at the beginning, giving them lots of praise when they have done well.  Never become angry if they do not get the command straight away.  Pit bulls are very smart but each one learns at his or her own pace.  When yours does you will have a very friendly obedient pet.


Safety and Prevention

When it comes to children, do not let your dog near them until without your full supervision.  Introduce your dog and children gradually, and definitely do not let a young child get over excited with the dog.  This is regardless of breed. You know your pit bull better than anyone else. If they are nervous, hyperactive or unpredictable, it’s best to avoid adults and children until they are further along in the process. How to train pit bulls in those situations is to introduce them slowly for short periods with a good leash or harness always attached.

Purchase your pit bull from a reputable breeder.  Take particular notice of how it reacts to people. Whatever your choice on how to train pit bulls is, do not take it lightly. You have a responsibility to your family and the public to train them responsibly.  A breeder will have the best advice also, and set you off on the right track on how to train pit bulls.


Home Training Methods

Obedience Training – Highly recommended. All Pit bulls should go through obedience training.  Check our page here dedicated to pit bull obedience training.


Clicker Training – A great way to build a solid foundation. Your dog will pick commands up quickly and easily. Not only will these speed the learning process up, it will be fun.




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How to train pit bulls is treat them with kindness but at the same time be firm.  Let him know when it is his play time, and when he is to be a good dog.  Your pet will soon learn, and remember, always praise good behavior with play and treats.