Pit Bull Behavior Problems

Pit bull behavior problems are typically the result of not being properly trained. If your pit bull is a rescue or adopted and were improperly treated or abused, that will play a major role in their behavior or aggression. The good news is with proper training, you can have your pit bull’s behavior problems corrected.

Top 4 Pit Bull Behavior Problems and Solutions


Pit bull aggression

Pit bull aggression is displayed with aggressive barking or biting. Pit bulls are not born aggressive. Aggression in pit bulls typically stems from a lack of training, improper training, or unfortunately abuse.

Pit bulls are lovers of people and would be more inclined to show aggression towards other dogs. Early and consistent socialization will familiarize your pit bull with different breeds and minimize or eliminate future aggression.

Training your pit bull is crucial. Proper pit bull obedience training when they are a puppy will help avoid aggressive behavior in adulthood. You can look for training at your local Petco which can be expensive. For a more economical solution, try one of the recommend online training courses below.

Pit bull barking

Pit bulls barking excessively can be challenging at times, but fixable. Usually your pit bull is barking because of fear/territorial or attention. Several other reasons stem from these basic principles. You can train your pit bull to stop barking with a few simple tactics.

Pet Corrector spray can be a low cost training solution. It works by emitting a harmless hiss sound, that mimics warning sounds found from other animals like snakes, geese, raccoons and other animals. This sound interrupts their actions and gives time to help retrain “quiet” “no jump” and “no barking” techniques.

Pit bull chewing

Pit bull chewing can be quite normal for a puppy especially when teething. Training, chew toys, and treats should be used early to redirect and stop your pit bull puppy from chewing and licking your personal items.

Adult pit bull chewing can be related to fear and separation anxiety. This can also be corrected with the right training steps.

CBD oil has shown promising results in a range of pit bull health issues. It promotes calmness, relieves discomfort, wellness and helps keep a healthy skin and coat. Use the code Honest15 on the link below to save 15%.

Pit Bull Jumping

If your pit bull is jumping up on guests in your house it is because they are excited. It can be embarrassing for you when having a formal guest over especially dressed nicely. It can also be dangerous for an elderly person who is afraid and may fall backwards in fear.

Brain Training for Dogs has a great training method to stop your pit bull from jumping up.

Pit Bull Behavior Problems Solution

Pit bulls are an intelligent dog breed and will greatly benefit from a good dog training program. There are more online dog training options available today than ever before. This will help keep the costs down from potentially expensive dog training. These courses below also have free options available.

Dog owners have had great success using online dog training programs such as:

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The great thing about online courses is that you can access them immediately and begin training your pit bull now. Once you see your pit bull responding to basic dog commands, you will see how rewarding a well-trained pit bull can be for both of you. With this proper training, your pit bull behavior problems will be a thing of the past.