Pit Bull Separation Anxiety

A common problem many pit bull owners face is separation anxiety. Pit bulls are not born aggressive and are very loving of humans. They are strong and energetic and can get very upset when you leave the home. If pit bull separation anxiety is not promptly dealt with, your Pit may incessantly bark, make a mess, or even destroy your home.

Where Pit bull Separation Anxiety Stems from

You are the leader in your home, the head of the pack.  Your pit bull feels a direct attachment to you and may become upset when you leave. He has no way of knowing how long you will be gone or if you will come back. This creates anxiety in your pit bull which causes him to act out.

Easing Pit bull Separation Anxiety

Minimize Affection – If you are petting, hugging, kissing your pit bull before you leave you are getting them excited and rewarding them for their behavior. This increases their anxiety when you walk out. Try and stop or at least drastically reduce the amount of affection you show your pit bull no less than 10 minutes before you head out. Make an effort to get them to a relaxed state and reward them for it so they know that is the behavior you desire when you depart.

Switch your Habits – Take notice of your routine before you leave. Is it exactly the same? Are you making the same noises? Do you go to the bathroom, grab your keys, put your shoes on and go?  A certain sound can trigger the onset of separation anxiety. Little subtle variations in your habits can slow or lessen the growth of anxiety in your pit bull. It’s not about making your pit bull think you aren’t leaving, they know. It’s about eliminating the triggers that cause anxiety.

Try Crate Training – Crate training can be very helpful if you are in and out a lot and causing your pit bull to have separation anxiety. Crate training needs to be done while you are home to get your pit bull acclimated to his crate. Once he is comfortable in it you can start using it for when you leave the home. Start with short periods and build them up as your pit bull is ready.

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