Pit Bull Chewing

If you’re trying to stop a Pit Bull chewing you should first recognize that chewing is a very natural and expected behavior, especially in a puppy.

Pit bulls are going to chew on things for various reasons whether they are teething, playing, or simply seeing what they are capable of. It’s not a matter of actually stopping that chewing, but redirecting it.

Getting their daily exercise along with an array of chew toys will keep them occupied with doing what they should be doing instead of chewing up your couch.


Stop Pit Bull Chewing Early

Whether you have a Pit Bull Puppy or an older dog, the quicker your action to stop your dog chewing, the easier it will be to achieve results.  There are a few methods you can try to go with, whichever one works best for you.

Yelling or hitting your pit bull is not a good idea for any reason even if they just chewed up your brand new shoes. It can be aggravating for sure but more than likely they will be confused by your behavior and probably end up doing it again.

A pit bull puppy can be injured easily and an adult pit bull can endure pain more than other breeds. You will end up not hurting your pit bull or overdoing it and seriously injuring them because of their higher threshold for pain. Either way, this method is highly inappropriate as well as ineffective.

Redirection – Instead of trying to stop your pit bull from chewing on your things, teach it to chew on the right things. When you catch your pit bull chewing on a slipper, get the Pit’s toy, replace it and then praise your dog when it starts chewing on the new toy. This will teach your puppy that the new item is good and the old one is not.

Exercise – To stop your pit bull chewing, make sure they are getting their daily dose of exercise. Even when they are not teething, a puppy will chew to keep active.

Daily exercise is not only good for them but it tires them out making them less likely to be chewing and more likely to be resting. If outdoor exercise is not available for whatever reason, make sure they have various stimulating toys that will keep them busy.

Crate Training – If your pit bull gets into your things when you’re not home, crate training may be necessary so they have limited access to the home.

You can even keep your pit bull in a single room while you’re away to limit their access, but the goal here should be the same.

Aversion Sprays -­ To stop your pit bull from chewing on things like your rug or couch cushions, use a safe humane spray like Bitter Apple or Cayenne Pepper that does not taste good to them.

They will quickly associate those items with a bad taste that will keep them from chewing there.

Consistency – If you really want to stop your pit bull chewing, make sure you are consistent in all of your actions. Don’t let your Pit chew on a slipper or a sock or a stuffed animal as a toy and then expect them to know which clothes or stuffed animals are okay and which are not okay.

As the owner, lay down strict rules and follow them. Your dog will learn quickly enough and the chewing will be far less of a problem.

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If none of these methods have worked for you, consider Pit Bull Obedience Training.  It can be very effective and we go into further depth on it in our free newsletter series. We will also include a FREE eBook just for signing up – The Alpha Dog Report ($27 value).