Pit Bull Licking

Normally if a pit bull is licking themselves and others it isn’t a major problem. It can become a nuisance though. It usually is perceived as the dog showing his affection so most people just allow them to do it because they are enjoying the fact that the dog likes them!

Pit bulls that are licking people are often allowed to continue more so than other breeds. This is simply because many people are afraid of pit bulls and do no want to take on a dominant role to get the pit bull to stop licking.

Licking other People– You can stop excessive licking of other people and yourself as well with some good pit bull obedience training. It’s important to communicate to the other person what they should be doing. If your pit bull licking at greeting is met with a response of petting and affection, your pit bull will assume they are being rewarded for an appropriate welcome. Command your pit bull with whatever orders you have in place and get them to respond appropriately.

Licking other Pets – Your pit bull licking other pets may be related to affection and/or your pit bull learning about that animal through taste. Dogs use their tongues for taste as well as touch to learn about others. If the issue is excessive then follow your pit bull obedience training knowledge you have armed yourself with to get him to stop. It may be hard to get the other pet to be on the same page so unfortunately separation may be necessary.

Licking Themselves – A pit bull licking themselves can be a completely different issue you may need to address. Many dogs lick themselves as part of their personal hygiene which is completely normal. Pit bull skin problems and allergies can occur more so than in other breeds. Be sure to check your pit bull for an allergic reaction to foods, soaps, cleaners and scents around the home. Inspect any outdoor shrubbery he may be visiting causing irritation also. If you feel your pit bull may have general allergies then it’s best to let a vet attempt to eliminate that possibility.


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