How to get your Pit Bull to stop Jumping on you

Pit bulls are loving dogs, but its not always appropriate for them to jump up on you or your guests. It can be dangerous for an elderly or unstable person. It may also not be ideal if you’re dressed nicely for an occasion. Let’s address the why  and how to get your pit bull to stop jumping on you.

Why do pit bulls jump up on people?

They’re excited

Pit bulls are very playful and may show their enthusiasm through jumping up. They are happy to see people, smell them, lick their face etc. Just by sheer logistics, a pit bull can’t lick the face of an adult without jumping up! Really, how would they do it?

To test their dominance

A pit bull will get very excited and want to play with you but he will also test you to see what he can get away with. Your pit bull jumping up on you can be his way of seeing if you will allow him to do that, so he can try to insert himself higher in the pack.

They’re repeating allowed behavior

Perhaps the jumping has occurred before and the behavior wasn’t properly corrected at that time and he is just doing what he thinks he is allowed to do. Maybe the pit bull is allowed to jump on the couch without being asked and sits or lies down on people. In turn, these people may pet the dog or give him a treat which is seen as rewarding this behavior

How to get your pit bull to stop jumping on you

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5 Tips to stop your pit bull from jumping up

Orderly Greetings

When you arrive home your pit bull will be overly excited probably more so than anyone else who may walk through your door. If he runs over to you licking, sniffing or jumping up, politely ignore him. The behavior will most likely continue.

Respectfully walk him over back to his spot and tell him to sit. When you walk away if he follows, repeat the command.  After you have settled in, invite your Pit Bull over to greet you. Repetition and consistency will have your pit bull greeting you properly shortly.

Stoop to Their Level

After you have given your pit bull the invitation to greet you. Make sure you bend over or kneel to make yourself accessible to him. When your pit bull sees you in this position it will teach him that it’s okay to give affection in this manner, plus he won’t have to jump up.

After the greeting when you stand up and your pit bull jumps up on you, give him the command to get down. After he gets down do not pet him. This will only confuse your pit bull because you gave him a command to stop doing something and then rewarded him.

Limit Aggressive Play

Pit bulls are playful and will love nothing more than to engage in some old-fashioned grappling. Pit bulls enjoy this type of play and it will make them want to do it again.

When you want to relax, you may find your pit bull jumping on you, harmlessly initiating play. The pit bull will be unable to decipher when it’s okay to play and when it’s not. They must understand that you are the only one who can initiate it. Playing is ok. Aggression in pit bulls is not.

Train your pit bull with basic commands

One of the easiest commands you can teach a dog is “down”. Pit bulls are extremely playful so make sure there isn’t any leniency when giving this fundamental order.

After you tell your pit bull to get down, be sure that you or the person he jumped up on does not pet him. He will see this as a reward and it will not correct his behavior. When your pit bull jumps up on someone you want to say down and have him respond accordingly.

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