Potty Training a Pit Bull Puppy – Crate and House Training

Potty Training a Pit Bull Puppy is essential for your sanity. The good news is pit bulls are smart breeds and with the right training tools you will have your pit bull potty trained in no time. If you want to save time, you can just download the free potty training guide now.

How to Potty Train a Pit Bull Puppy

Walk first thing in the morning and walk frequently.

Your puppy will have to go first thing in the morning. Take them out as soon as they wake. Give them some time as they may go more than once since their bladders are so tiny. After they go, praise them for doing a great job! Rewarding them with their favorite treat will reinforce good potty training. We love bully sticks!

After coming back in, set a timer for 30 minutes. This will depend on the size of your puppy and how much water they are drinking. Keep a close eye on them and watch for cues. Take them out as soon as you see them sniffing the ground, circling their territory or any changes in behavior.

Get the right crate for your pit bull

A crate should be just big enough for your pit bull puppy to stand up and turn around. If it’s too large the puppy may use one corner of the crate as a bathroom and sleep in the opposite corner.

Of course it is not very practical to keep purchasing crates as they grow. With the proper potty training, you will only need 2 crates. One for when they are a puppy, and one for an adult. By the time your pit bull puppy outgrows their puppy crate, they will be potty trained and you can move them to an adult crate.

If they are napping and it has been a few hours since they have gone, you will want to wake them and walk them. They will not want to go in the crate but it will happen if you leave them. Their bladders are not developed to hold it as long as an adult pit bull.

Keep it near your bed at night so you can hear them if they wake. They will not want to pee where they sleep. Keep it clean and comfortable for them. Clean and disinfect if there are any accidents. Dogs usually pick a spot to go and return to it. When you remove the smell from the accident, it lets them know that is not the spot to go.

Using wee-wee pads

If you’re potty training your pit bull using wee-wee pads, that is ok to start. Once they are older and larger, this method will not work as well or at all.

Not to worry, as they are potty trained to go on their wee-wee pads, you will see the cues and know when they have to go. At that point it will be easy to recognize and take them out for a walk.

Keep the wee-wee pads in a separate area from where your pit bull eats and sleeps. Reinforce their potty training success with a treat.

Keep your pit bull puppy in a confined area at first

If your pit bull puppy is allowed to roam around your apartment or house before they are house-broken, they will surely find a spot to use as the potty. If they are allowed to roam around, this means there will be times when they are out of sight.

You need to watch your pit bull puppy closely as you are potty training them. If they are in a confined area, you can watch them closely and minimize any accidents. Gate-off the entrance and exits to the room you are keeping them in until they are properly trained.

What to do when your pit bull puppy has an accident

Accidents will be inevitable. Its important not to punish your pit bull. They are puppies and they are learning. Punishing them will just make them scared and lengthen the process. Making your pit bull scared can lead to other bad behaviors. Do not rub or stick their nose in their accident.

After an accident, take them directly outside. They may not have to go again but doing so after every accident will teach them that outside is where they need to go.

When you come back in, clean up the mess completely. Be sure to remove the smell completely using a cleaner designed for accidents. Avoid harsh chemicals especially in their crate. Angry orange has a great citrus smell with over 60k positive reviews. Check the price on Amazon.

Free pit bull potty training course

We have touched on the basics above. If you want a more in-depth guide which is absolutely free, that you can customize by dog breed and age. download the free potty training course from Trainpetdog.com