Pit Bulls and Children

Are pit bulls and children dangerous? In a word, no. But they can be just like any other dog or cat for that matter. Surely the bad rap they have been getting in the media have led you to ask, are pit bulls and children safe to interact? With proper training and supervision pit bulls can be as safe around children as any other breed.

Supervision – Any interaction between a child and a dog should always be supervised, especially young children.  Children don’t understand what’s okay to do to a dog and what isn’t. This can also vary not only between breeds but between each dog. Children are unpredictable and may sit or step on the dog, punch, poke or pull its hair. Regardless of breed, at some point a dog is going to become annoyed. Supervision is to teach the children what is and isn’t okay as well as teaching your pit bull that regardless of what the child does an aggressive response is not to be tolerated.

Pit Bulls and ChildrenPit Bulls and Children






Pit bull Obedience Training – Before your pit bull interacts with small children, you should teach your pit bull obedience training.  If your pit bull hasn’t been trained to follow basic commands, when he is in a situation where he becomes aggressive you will have little control for him to obey you. The owner must be respected as the leader and when you have that respect, you have the most important part of all training completed and all else will follow. It is very important when a pit bull begins to become aggressive to immediately calm him and get him to be completely relaxed. Using commands such as sit, stay or lay down and letting a child pet him will not work effectively without that respect.

Control the Environment – Make sure the environment in which the pit bulls and children interacting in is as safe as possible. Pit bulls are strong playful dogs. Just by turning around they can accidentally bump a toddler and knock them over. Make sure there’s nothing hard or sharp to land on. Also avoid mixing the child’s toys with the pit bull’s. A child may grab the pit bull’s toy and the Pit may not like that so it’s best to not mix them. It probably won’t be the cleanest thing in the world either.

If for any reason your pit bull is uncomfortable in the situation, remove him from it. Don’t force the issue. For whatever reason, the pit bull may not be comfortable around the children or adults who are present. It can feel threatened or be fearful, a combination of both or something completely different. If your pit bull is in a nervous state and cannot be relaxed, he can end panicking and biting someone.

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Pit bulls aren’t an exception to or from the rules. Follow them closely for perfectly safe interaction with pit bulls and children. For further in-depth tips and invaluable information on pit bulls, please sign up for our free newsletter series and we will include a FREE eBook – The Alpha Dog Report ($27 value).