Deciding on getting your pit bull’s ears cropped is not a decision to be taken lightly. It requires surgery to remove a portion of your pit bull’s ears. Is this surgery necessary?

What are the Reasons for Pit bull Ear Cropping?

Mainly today, reasons for pit bull ear cropping are purely cosmetic, which is a shame. Most people feel that it makes their pit bull look tougher or more alert. The only reason you should have the ears of your pit bull cropped is for a medical condition. If your pit bull puppy develops an infection or polyp where your veterinarian thinks it could be dangerous and spread, then getting your dogs ears cropped is an avenue you should definitely consider.

What Age Should I Have My Pit Bull’s Ears Cropped?

Ear cropping should be done within the first 3 months of age or as your veterinary surgeon suggests. As your pit bull ages, this procedure and recovery become more painful and uncomfortable. Please keep this in mind if you are considering pit bull ear cropping for cosmetic purposes only.

What is the Recovery Period?

After the surgery the recovery period will be at least a month and in some cases 2 months or more. Sutures will be removed within a week after surgery and the surgeon will re-tape your pit bull’s ears. You will have to clean around the wound at least twice a day as well as watching your pit bull closely to not engage in any activity that may infect the wound or dislodge the tape covering it. Keep it clean with a gentle ear cleansing solution or for a quick easy way to care for them use ear wipes.

So should you go ahead with Pit bull Ear Cropping?

If the reason is mainly cosmetic, then absolutely not. Many veterinary surgeons will refuse to do it because it is unnecessary and painful. Think about why you are doing it. Is it just to make your dog look ferocious? Are you raising a Bully Pit bull? If you are raising your pit bull to be a well-behaved dog like you should, be then there is no reason to put your pit bull through that. Training your pit bull to be anything but obedient is doing yourself and your community a disservice.

Why are people taking part in Pit bull Ear Cropping?

Like we mentioned earlier, the reason is mainly cosmetic. They find their ears unattractive. They prefer the look the cropping achieves. That is a lot of unnecessary pain and discomfort to put your pit bull through, purely for personal preference. People that engage in breeding bully pit bulls and raise them to take part in dog fighting get pit bull ear cropping done. They do this to look more intimidating and reduce risk of injury. Ears flopping around during a dog fight can be easily bitten and torn off. Obviously this is an illegal and horrible practice that no one should participate in. Your pit bull is a beautiful, people loving animal. There’s no reason to make him look intimidating. He’s a lover not a fighter!

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