Pit Bull Scratching Issues

If your pit bull scratching is becoming excessive you are not alone. Many of us need assistance to stop their dog from continuous scratching. Pit bulls are prone to skin infections which can make matters worse if not treated quickly.  If your pit bull is scratching himself from a minor skin irritation, you can try using a hydrocortisone spray or an oil to soothe the area.

You can find detailed problems and solutions with videos on our skin problems page.

Pit bull Scratching Causes

There can literally be dozens of reasons that cause your pit bull scratching. Let’s explore the more common issues to try to root out the problem.

Infections – Infections can be derived from several sources such as insects or bacteria. Observe your pit bull’s skin regularly for discoloration or swelling.

Allergies – Allergic reactions can occur from many things such as food, medication, cleansing agents, or airborne allergens. It can be difficult to eliminate these one by one to find the cause but effectively doing so will greatly increase your pit bull’s overall demeanor.

Neurosis – This is a nervous condition where your pit bull is constantly chewing or licking himself to keep occupied. This can be from an absence of physical activity or Pit bull separation anxiety.

Seasonal – Certain times of the year may dry your pit bull’s skin out and cause cracking. This may cause your pit bull to constant lick himself and bring on an infection. You must first test shampoos and lotions before using them in case they worsen the condition.

Environment – Certain areas inside or outside of the home may irritate your pit bull’s skin. It could be the shrubbery he may be exploring, areas of digging, or maybe even a new couch or carpet.

A visit to the vet first to rule out infection may be the best course of action. After you have accomplished that, when you notice your pit bull scratching, try to retrace his steps and start the eliminating process that way. If you can do so, this may be the quickest way to effectively eliminate any future pit bull behavior problems.


Now that you are able to identify the potential cause of your pit bull scratching themselves, visit the skin problems page to find the solution best for you.

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