Stop Pit Bull Chewing

Several Pit Bull owners have the problem with their active Pits constantly chewing on things they should not be chewing on. So how do we Stop a Pit Bull Chewing? Pit Bulls are very active dogs and it would be best to redirect their chewing ways rather than trying to stop it completely.


Stop Pit Bull Puppy Chewing

If you have a Pit Bull puppy, he may begin chewing on things and exploring his capabilities or he may be teething. Regardless of the why, now is the time to nip it in the bud. Try to avoid scolding your Pit Bull and never ever strike him.

This will only confuse him and possibly increase his aggression in the future. If you are dealing with an adult Pit it might be more difficult to change his ways and would be best to try Pit Bull obedience training.

Basics – Pit Bulls are very strong and energetic and need plenty of exercise. Getting them outdoors and tiring them out will keep them occupied and make them less likely to chew on your things.

Redirection – Try the barter system. Trade your new shoes for a new chew toy. Redirection can be more effective than getting him to quit cold turkey. Get your Pit Bull to chew on his toys and then reward him for the proper behavior. Choose the right toys. Preferably ones suitable for your pit bull that won’t break or shred.

Deterrents –­ There are safe sprays on the market today such as Bitter Apple or Cayenne Pepper that your pit bull will not like. Once they associate the things they are chewing on with a bad taste, that will prevent further chewing.

Crate Training – Crate training is a great way to stop pit bull chewing as well as teach obedience training at the same time. It’s best to start with a pit bull puppy. If you have an adult pit bull you may have to use a separate room to limit access to the rest of the home.

Routine – To stop your pit bull chewing, make sure you remain consistent in your teachings. Only allow them to chew on their toys. Don’t give your pit bull any old shoes or clothing to chew on and expect to him to know he can’t chew on other shoes or clothing.

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