How much should I Feed my Pit Bull Puppy and Adult?

If you want to know how much to feed your pit bull puppy or adult pit bull, use this calorie calculator to get a better idea based on your pit bull's age and weight. By inputting your pit bull's age and weight, a complete dog diet manual will be custom generated for you.

Use our pit bull dog calorie calculator to determine how to:

  • Find out how much to feed your American Pit Bull Terrier by daily calorie requirements
  • Calculate the number of cups of food you should be feeding your pit bull every day
  • Figure out how many times a day you should feed your pit bull
  • Calculate daily protein, fat and fiber intake for your pit bull
  • Adjust how much to feed your pit bull if they are overweight or underweight
American Pit Bull Terrier Calorie Calculator by TrainPetDog

Note: i) This Daily Energy Requirement is calculated as per Maintenance Energy Requirements (MER) in Optimal Temperatures. It represents the energy expended in obtaining and using food in an amount sufficient to maintain body weight. In Extreme Weather conditions, your pit bull puppy may need more energy than this.

ii)The results, calculated through the MER method, however, deviates from those of the dog food maker's recommendations. At times, the results may lead you to overfeed your pit bull. In the long run, adjust your pit bull's feeding to maintain an optimum weight.

How many times per day should I feed my pit bull?

The amount of food and how many times a day your pit bull should eat will depend on a few factors such as:

  • How old is your pit bull?
  • What is the activity level of your pit bull?
  • How much does your pit bull weigh?
  • How far along is your pit bull's growth?
  • Is your pit bull a family dog or working dog?

The calorie calculator goes into these details to help you better gauge how much to feed your pit bull. There is also a free mini-course on dog diet. It will help you navigate confusing dog food labels and offers 4 free homemade dog food recipes.

free course pit bull dog food diet

What kind of dog food should I feed my pit bull?

Its important for your pit bull's health to select a high quality dog food. It should be free from fillers and artificial ingredients. There are many options such as limited ingredient dog food, hypoallergenic dog food if your pit bull has an allergy, raw dog food, grain free dog food.

If your pit bull is free from any underlying conditions, start with one of the high quality dog foods below. They have been carefully selected from our own usage and cross-referencing our findings with other dog owners. Only the highest rated dog food with several thousand reviews have been selected.