Pit Bull Grooming – the Easy Way!

So, you want your pit bull nice and clean, looking their best. Wouldn’t it be great to do your pit bull grooming as often as you like without it costing a fortune? Yeah, we all would! But how do you groom a pit bull?

With this free guide, you will learn how to handle your pit bull grooming yourself. Its customizable by dog breed if you have another dog that needs grooming.

Some of things covered in the pit bull grooming course are:

  • What shampoo to use to keep away that doggy smell
  • The best dog brush for short, medium and long hair pit bulls and proper technique
  • How to handle your pit bull grooming session, keeping them calm and still
  • The best type of dog brushes to use for pit bulls  (rubber, plastic, bristle type)
  • The best deshedding tool for pit bulls

In addition to brushing, pit bull grooming also includes bathing, cleaning eyes and ears, clipping nails, clipping hair etc.

You will need the right pit bull grooming tools for the job and this free pit bull grooming course download will show you how.

Another important aspect of pit bull grooming is to clean their face, teeth, ears, eyes and nails.

Here is a preview of the 3 basic steps to clean your pit bull’s face.

  • Gently wash the skin around the eyes using a fresh piece of moistened cotton or make-up remover pad for each one. If you notice any discharge or inflammation, contact a vet for advice. It may be an allergic reaction.


  • Hold open the ear with one hand and gently clean inside the flap with a small piece of moistened cotton or a make-up remover pad. Use a fresh piece for each ear. Do not probe too deeply into the ear canal.


  • Loose facial skin must be cleaned regularly with damp cotton. This prevents dirt, dead skin, and bacteria from collecting in the folds and causing irritation and infection. Moist areas can lead to bacterial infection.

The pit bull grooming course will take you step by step through this process.

The course will address what to expect with your pit bull shedding. Male vs. female shedding. What time of the year to expect more frequent shedding. What is the best deshedding tool for pit bulls?

This will help you schedule your pit bull’s grooming accordingly.

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Many pit bull owners complain about how averse their dog is to grooming. Some pit bulls may even show aggressive behavior during grooming.

The Mini Course on pit bull grooming will give you some really valuable tips to make your dog receptive to grooming and you will see the difference for yourself.